Petrarch achieves ‘Best in Class’ in latest CWCT testing

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working at full speed, putting our reconstituted stone cladding panel ‘Petrarch’ through its paces with rigorous testing as per standards set out by the CWCT.

Working in collaboration with Vinci and LCT Construction, a specialist rig was set up at Vinci’s site in Leighton Buzzard and what followed was some pretty impressive resistance testing. We’re proud to say that Petrarch excelled; standing up to extreme measures with ease, this resistant facade weathered powerful air permeability, rain, wind, impact and fatigue tests.

Made in Britain for almost 50 years, Petrarch is proven to perform and this latest round of CWCT testing demonstrates exactly this. What’s more, this most recent CWCT update featured a more intensive fatigue and wind resistant test; comprising of serviceability, safety and cyclic pressure loading.

Petrarch was tested to and passed performance requirements that exceeded those of the CWCT, instead, meeting those of BRE Digest 346, Part 7 (compatible with BS 6399) confirming that our premium reconstituted stone cladding offers a life-span in excess of 50 years rather than the standard 30 years. We had the chance to take some videos throughout the process, all of which you can find on our Youtube channel.

Here are some highlights below.

Going above & beyond

The latest test results highlights Petrarch’s intrinsic durability features in line with NHBC guidelines. It also offers absolute assurance, demonstrating how we’re going above standard UK requirements to deliver premium cladding solutions for our clients and collaborators.

‘We’re really pleased with how Petrarch has performed in this latest CWCT programme, Excelling in every element across the test programme, it only serves to confirm what we already know about our premium reconstituted cladding – that it not only looks great, it’s also extremely resistant and durable too.’  Pete Brough, Head of UK & Europe

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