Doms Kitchen & Marketplace

Petrarch Panels Project Candela Lofts
Petrarch Panels Project Candela Lofts
Petrarch Panels Project Candela Lofts
Petrarch Panels Project Candela Lofts
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Chicago, IL, US
Myefski Architects

Petrarch reconstituted stone rainscreen has added a contemporary accent to this unique new marketplace. Brought to us courtesy of our US distributors Omnis, Dom’s Kitchen & Market is 17,150 square foot grocery market featuring in-store guest dining and bar areas.

‘Designed as a small footprint grocery and takeout store, Dom’s serves prepared meals for takeout, on-site dining, and delivery services.

The program seeks to define Dom’s as a neighborhood destination where people drop in to explore new foods and watch the cooking process in open preparation areas.The plan accommodates the traditional produce, bakery, protein, and pantry areas, while intermixed with a centrally-located, expansive show kitchen. Various in-store experiences engage visitors to linger with a wine library, coffee bar, a greenhouse seating area, and two outdoor seating areas.’

This intriguing hospitality project demonstrates how our reconstituted stone facade panel can be used as a contemporary facade material. Highly resistant to impact, scratches and graffiti, it is the perfect choice for sectors such as this! Petrarch should be celebrated at low levels given its extremely durable qualities.

Myefski Architects served as Executive Architect working in collaboration with the Rockwell Group.