First Health Care Cancer Trust

Petrarch Panels Project Candela Lofts
Petrarch Panels Project Candela Lofts
Petrarch Panels Project Candela Lofts
Petrarch Panels Project Candela Lofts
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185 Page Road North, Pinehurst, NC
Nearly 4,000 SF. Rainscreen attachment Sika Adhesive and MOTO Aluminium Framing
Petrarch Custom #1053D Smooth / #1053A Smooth

Shane Lott, CarolinaREP

Omnis and Petrarch Provided Great Services From Design Through Construction

The portion of the building using the Petrarch Panels was intended to be the big statement of the overall building composition and lent itself to using a unique material. This portion of the building was meant to be a twisting mass interacting and intersecting with the twisting mass element of the glass curtainwall. We were looking for a unique material but also needed a product that provided both natural colours and natural textures. These two qualities meshed well with the brick masonry used elsewhere on the building façade. One additional advantage of Petrarch is its ability to provide tonal variations of whatever primary colour or colours one may select. We ended up with two colour tones on this project.

I think everyone who was involved in any way on this project should be pleased with the outcome. Both Omnis and the Petrarch team provided great services for our designers from design through construction. More importantly, we hope that those who work in the facility or are visiting for medical treatments are pleased with the facility.

Brad Norvell


Petrarch Panels Installed Great

Petrarch reconstituted stone panels installed great and is a straightforward product to work with. We would recommend Petrarch reconstituted stone rainscreen to other installers and GCs.

Dan Tilley

Advanced Exterior Systems

Petrarch Panels Will Ensure First Health is a Building The Community Can Be Proud of For Years to Come

CarolinaREP is incredibly proud to have been involved with the First Health Cancer Centre. The CPL Team had a beautiful vision for this important facility which will serve a vital role for the Pinehurst area and the people of North Carolina. Our friends at Advanced Exterior Systems always do first-rate work and this project was no exception. Mixing multiple shades of Petrarch Reconstituted Stone rainscreen panels to achieve a random pattern was no easy feat. Still, their experienced crew achieved this perfectly and brought the architect’s vision to life. Due to their extreme durability and long life, Petrarch panels will ensure that the centre stands as a building the community can be proud of for years to come.

Shane Lott