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Petrarch Panels Project Candela Lofts
Petrarch Panels Project Candela Lofts
Petrarch Panels Project Candela Lofts
Petrarch Panels Project Candela Lofts
Project Location
General Contractor
Product Details
Glasgow, Scotland
BDP – Glasgow
Lend Lease
Lakesmere Ltd
Smooth Matte, #1102B (Special)

Petrarch Reconstituted Stone clad Technology & Innovation Centre achieves BREEAM Excellence.

About the TIC: The project brief

The aim of the Technology and Innovation Center is to facilitate change in the ways that the university and industry engage.

The Technology and Innovation Center (TIC) for the University of Strathclyde is an eight storey collaborative research and conference centre in the heart of Glasgow. The building facilitates research and knowledge exchange activities by incorporating flexible project, meeting and office space, alongside high quality research and laboratory accommodation.

In the words of the TIC itself

The TIC opens doors to new areas of research, innovation and technology development, all aimed towards creating new possibilities, new levels of dynamic collaborations and productive outcomes. Our focus is on finding solutions to challenges in enabling technologies and the low carbon economy, including:

• low cost, greener power and energy

• renewable technologies

• photonics and sensors

• advanced engineering

• pharmaceutical manufacturing

• nanoscience

As a centre dedicated to research in environmental and green innovations, it goes without saying that careful attention was paid to the environmental and sustainable attributes of its design – the TIC, conceived by BDP Glasgow achieves BREEAM Excellence.


• Create a striking new building which will accommodate state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure.

• Create a flexible, accessible and stimulating environment for collaboration and knowledge transfer between research groups and industry partners.


Through collaboration and consultation between the client group and the design team, the desire was to create a landmark building as befits the civic status of the facility. The building needed to be flexible and fully accessible with easily re-configurable spaces, as well as being highly environmentally sustainable.

The TIC is the cornerstone of Scotland’s International Technology and Renewable Energy Zone (ITREZ)which is a global research and development hub, bringing business and academia together to work together on the development of the offshore renewables sector.

• A state-of-the-art building in the heart of Glasgow.

• The building has been designed to meet the criteria for BREEAM Excellent.

A quote from our Managing Director, Pete Brough:

‘The TIC is certainly one of our preferred and most prestigious Petrarch reconstituted stone cladding projects. It’s clear to see why when you take a glance through the project photos. However, the stunning finish aside, it’s also its admirable purpose and the fact that it is a centre which champions environmental and green technological advancements which also reinforces our pride!’

Petrarch Reconstituted Stone clad Technology & Innovation Centre meets the strict criteria for BREEAM Excellence.

In their design statement BDP state: “The TIC building has a deliberately expressive form, but rather than form making for its own sake, the building massing is a result of consideration of the brief and the site context. TIC is higher along the north frontage (rising to eight storeys) to take best advantage of diffused natural light and to create a civic presence on George Street.”

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