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Petrarch reconstituted stone rainscreen cladding. Made in Britain!

Petrarch is a premium facade solution which has been the choice of discerning architects and contractors worldwide, for almost 50 years. Manufactured in the UK by Architectural Panel Solutions, and changing the face of work and living spaces world-wide.

We’re proud to be part of the Made In Britain network. And as such we can confidently assure strong supply chains and robust lead times for our reconstituted stone rainscreen.

Unlock impressive design

Petrarch® reconstituted stone rainscreen is the natural choice when looking for a stone cladding panel; offering all the raw beauty of stone with added versatility, a great range of finishes and a colour palette consisting of more than 1500 decors. Whether you’re looking for a bold, contemporary aesthetic or something more traditional, Petrarch allows you to unlock the potential and realise your vision.

Unlock dependable intrinsic qualities

The perfect blend of exacting performance standards and superb aesthetics. A2 fire rated, highly resistant to impact, graffiti, scratches, weather… Our reconstituted stone cladding has undergone the most rigorous testing and we’re proud to say that it surpassed in recent CWTC tests and its highly dependable and durable qualities have been assured and approved by independent and leading industry bodies such as the BBA and NHBC.

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