Petrarch turns 50!

Unlocking the potential for 50 years

We can’t quite believe our reconstituted stone rainscreen is now 50. Time flies when you’re transforming buildings worldwide. This year marks an exciting new era for Petrarch. Since 1972 our unique panel has been transforming the face of living and working spaces. Today we’re proud to say that Petrarch adorns buildings across the UK, Europe and the USA thanks to a robust and respected distribution network.

We’re proud to be celebrating Petrarch’s 50th year with an innovative new feature on our Petrarch website – showcasing award winning projects from all over the world.

Introducing Lookbook

To mark our 50th year we’ve introduced some great new features on our Petrarch Panels website. Not least, a Live Lookbook. Choose from worldwide projects, create your own swatch and then with a press of a button create your very own Lookbook which you can read at your leisure. Have a play here and let us know what you think!

Groovy baby

As part of our celebrations we’ve been busy reminiscing, looking over half a century of worldwide projects has uncovered some gems! Take a look at these retro Legend Petrarch projects; from as far wide as Saudi and even featuring a Petrarch Hard Rock Cafe Pyramid.

And it got us thinking…Our clients and partners must have some smart Petrarch projects that maybe we haven’t seen?… So we will be running a series of photo competitions throughout the year! More to be revealed on that very soon…

‘Maxima’ style and wow.

When we look back over the years, we’re thrilled to see how Petrarch has been implemented on the most diverse and distinctive projects, across every sector and on a world-wide scale – continuing to be featured on award-winning buildings.

Throughout the year we’ll be sharing our Petrarch Legend case studies and will be celebrating with a digital brochure – to name just a few things!

In 1972 a dream team discovered a product which would change the face of living and working spaces for decades to come. Today a new dream team strives to keep the dream alive.