APS is proud to support Mental Health Week

Let’s move more for our mental health

At Architectural Panel Solutions the wellbeing of our employees is a real priority. In support of Mental Health Week, we’re shining the spotlight on a key member of our team, Verity Page, who dedicates her ‘outside’ life to fitness and wellbeing, in her role as Personal Trainer.

I had the pleasure of catching up with Verity earlier in the week. Please join me in welcoming her to the team and also find out more about her here!

She also shared some news regarding a team wide ‘push-up’ competition that’s happening later in the year. I’ll share more details on this soon.

Verity, first of all apologies for taking so long to properly welcome you to the APS team. You’ve been with us a while haven’t you!

I have and I am coming up to a year at APS. Oh my word, well apologies for taking so long to sit down with you.

When did you actually join the team?

I joined the team end of July 2023.

And how are you finding it?

I really enjoy it here. The team is great and I feel like we’re a true family who supports one another. There’s a definite team spirit.

Tell me about your role. What kind of day-to-day tasks do you get involved in at APS?

I am the Manufacturing and Purchasing Controller, which means I’m heavily involved in the manufacturing side of the business. I control the stock and parts required for all our manufacturing needs. Another key part of my role is building relationships with suppliers to ensure our stock moves smoothly. It’s never a dull day and I am constantly busy.

What has been your biggest highlight so far?

Being able to see the production and understand how our Petrarch reconstituted stone panels and Downer Framing are made.

What did you do before Verity?

I was previously a full-time personal trainer. After starting my own fitness journey I found a love for it and wanted to support other people who wanted to become fitter and healthier. I am continuing with my personal training online alongside my position here at APS.

Prior to that, I was in key posts as a senior administrator for a number of companies, so I’ve extensive experience thanks to the responsibilities these roles entailed. My favourite, before APS of course, was working for an agricultural company, the bonus of which was being able to drive heavy machinery!

What skills have you learned that you didn’t have before?

I have been more involved with purchasing in this role, something that I didn’t get involved with before in previous positions. I love the diversity at APS and being able to liaise with our suppliers and our sales teams on a daily basis.

Out of interest, what would you say are your key strengths?

I would say I’m self-confident and have a positive attitude, combined with great organisational skills and interpersonal skills.

What would be your top tip for anyone in a role similar to yourself?

It’s all about balancing. Keep a positive attitude and there will always be a way to make the day a success. There is no problem that cannot be resolved. 

I love that Verity, really positive and uplifting, just what we need a Friday and to drive home the importance of positive thinking!

And what about outside of work? What do you like to do?

I am an amateur powerlifter outside of work. I train 4 times a week and attend competitions at least twice a year. I’m attending the British Powerlifting Competition in July and I am looking to lift some heavy metal. Not bragging but my total for Squat, Bench and Deadlift is 365kg, all natural. Keeping active and strong is an important aspect of my personal life.

That sounds incredible Verity, well done! I wish you all the best with your competition and I also look forward to learning more about the push-up competition. I promise to get involved.

Let’s help everyone move more for our mental health!