Have you seen our 50 year celebratory brochure?

Petrarch 50 year celebratory digital brochure

You may have noticed, we have been talking about it somewhat… Recently, our reconstituted stone rainscreen panel, Petrarch, turned 50.

So much happened in our celebratory year, including two of our Petrarch projects winning awards. And in order to pay tribute to this and to our ever-expanding portfolio of international Petrarch projects, we also created a dedicated showcase brochure.

Inside you’ll find not only essential information about Petrarch, but also an interesting timeline which highlights our achievements throughout the past 50 years. We’ve tried to keep it light and hopefully entertaining whilst giving you an insight to some of our showcase projects from around the world.

In our 50th year, we also added a new product to our line too!

We introduced a new product to our range – Petrarch PlanX – a sleek, contemporary plinth style panel which maximises main panel production wherever possible.

Manufactured from exactly the same unique recipe and boasting 75% crushed stone and marble, Petrarch Planx offers the same dependable and ecologically friendly components of our standard Petrarch panel, yet in a slim plan profile.

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