TWO TWO FIVE Reaches new heights, thanks to Petrarch reconstituted stone facade

We’d like to thank our esteemed distributor, CFS Nederland for this excellent Petrarch project reference.

TwoTwoFive offers an affordable and luxurious living experience in the middle of a picturesque park area on the Biesbosch in Amstelveen.

Thanks to the carefully designed balconies, residents are afforded a fabulous view.

There is a picturesque, shared garden area on-site and a dedicated parking area.

Attentively designed by OZ architect this innovative development features energy saving solar panels, high-quality insulation and window frames which optimise air tightness. In short: a sustainable and elegant building that contributes to the quality of life in Amstelveen.

Naturally we’re also proud that both architects and contractors turned to our reconstituted stone raincreen facade, which was a lightweight and cost-effective alternative to pre cast concrete – as the facade solution.

The project has been nominated for the acclaimed Amstelveen Architecture Prize.

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