A massive welcome to the UK!

This week we’re really pleased to welcome our USA distributors Omnis and their partners for a tour of our UK factory and some of our key Petrarch projects. To mark the moment we thought we’d share some iconic stateside Petrarch projects.
Some of which are ‘Legends.’

We’re proud to have worked in partnership with Omnis for many years, and our history goes back much further than the creation of APS itself. Hence why we’re able to boast such an impressive project portfolio of our reconstituted stone cladding. It would seem there isn’t a corner of the US that hasn’t been enhanced with Petrarch rainscreen facade.

Petrarch Reconstituted Stone Rainscreen Facade

The beauty of Petrarch is more than skin deep. As well as its striking aesthetic, Petrarch has been carefully engineered to resist everything that nature throws at it; from the most demanding of weather conditions: wind, snow, hail, sun… impact, dirt, graffiti, and fire, Petrarch withstands the most demanding of challenges. Something which has been upheld in rigorous BBA testing.

Education, Residential, Transport, Hospitality, Commercial… regardless of the sector, our reconstituted stone cladding offers a versatile solution, ticking off all those important ‘necessities’ when it comes to choosing your facade. From price point, through to technical and essential aesthetics, Petrarch covers all bases. Take a look.

Key features of Petrarch reconstituted stone cladding:

Versatile, reconstituted stone cladding solution, created primarily from natural by-product materials; such as stone and marble.

Non combustible – A2-s1,d0 reaction to fire rating (EN 13501).

Highly durable and impact resistant, it is considerably lighter than natural stone systems.

Over 1500 colours and custom shades, plus 5 distinct finishes.

Man-made alternative to stone cladding – extremely weather resistant – designed to withstand the most severe environmental conditions, and just like natural stone, Petrarch matures over time, giving character and depth to any architectural scheme.

Made in Britain and adorns buildings worldwide. Petrarch reconstituted stone panels are manufactured in the UK where the product has been supplied to the rainscreen industry for 50 years. Thanks to a robust distribution network it also adorns buildings across the USA and throughout Europe.

BBA approved.

Petrarch reconstituted stone portfolio images:

Left to right, top to bottom:

10 Montieth St Brooklyn, NY

Architect – ODA – architecture

Developer The Rabsky Group LLC

Installer – United Panels

1943 Dorchester Ave, Boston MA

Petrarch Panels Light Stone Smooth

Olympus Building

Olympus USA Headquarters Building, Orangeburg, NY

Capital Judicial Centre, Maine

Architect – PDT Architects

Reference @Shane Dunn Design